How to choose the right hat style

hats-women-model-sunglasses-smiling-necklace-looking-away-2808x1872Hats are always the best way to perfect your outfit for every opportunity. Your face is, and it should be the first thing people notice about you, hats are there to accentuate it and if you choose the right one you will be a fashion goddess. Two most important things about wearing a hat are the comfort and right style for your face. Even though buying a hat isn’t a significant investment, paying attention to particular things while buying one is often necessary, after all, why would you spend your money on some hat you are never going to wear.

wallaroo_womens_frankie_sun_hat_grandeIf you want to purchase a hat, the first thing you should consider is the hat style. Pick the design you like but only if you feel natural and comfortable while wearing it. What’s the purpose of buying a hat if wearing it is torture? Hat styles are numerous and different, some of them are Fedora Hats, Beanies, Panama hats, Berets, Newsboy hats, Floppy Straws and so on.

If you are buying your first hat, make sure it is a classic in some neutral color such as black, white, gray or brown, that way you can match it with almost every outfit and you can wear it every day if you want. If you really are a fashion lover, and you like experimentation you can choose a hat in vibrant color such as bright red or yellow which are a big hit this season. If you want to leave a fabulous first impression, you can always pick a hat with a ribbon or some other detail that will represent your personality.

FaceshapeFace shape is one more thing you should think about, not every hat style flatters every face shape. Women often buy wrong hats, which makes their long faces even longer, or wide faces even wider instead of hats that will make their faces visually smaller.

Oval face shape is certainly the most flattering face shape when it comes to hats. You can wear almost every hat as long as it isn’t wider than your shoulders. Fedora floppy or straight hats will make you look fabulous as well as Panama hats.

If you have round face shape your goal should be to elongate it, make it look like an oval shaped face. To do this, you need to look for irregular or floppy brims, certain vertical features such as feathers and a high crown.

Crochet-Newsboy-CapIf your face is rectangle-shaped don’t even think about high crowns and small brims, look for full and uplifted hat brims that will make your jaw line appear a little softer than it is.

Square face shape means searching for the hat that will soften your jaw line and slim your face, irregular brim and a high crown will do the trick but be sure to wear it a little sideward.

Upturned or full brims and slightly flat top make the oblong face seem shorter and wider, which is, indeed, the goal.

Prominent crown will make your forehead visually narrower while medium brim prevents narrowing your chin, the combination of the two is perfect for heart-shaped faces.